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“MOMMY LOOK!” “Nice building, Eli! What is it!” “JAIL!” “Oh yes, Oklahoma County jail! The orange and black, I see it now! Why…jail?” “I SEE IT IN THE CAR EVERY DAY MOMMY” “Painting another one, are you?” “MOMMY GET THE TAPE!” “And another one?” “MOMMY HANG IT UP!” “Want to paint another building?” “NO I …

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Our wildflower garden is in full bloom. I’ll post pics once I yank a few weeds out this weekend. In the mean time, Laila and I have set out to preserve the beauty of summer. Here’s how our first attempt at pressing flowers went:

I’ve been meaning to write about a trip we took to St. Louis over the weekend but I keep doing things like making seed starters out of newspaper. I don’t know what’s gotten into me since I kill all green living things. Before we left I germinated a bunch of sunflower, Zinnia and coleus seeds …

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