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It’s Monday, Sept. 11. Just getting caught up? Here is the news you can use: WTF is happening in the world Irma. Lord, Irma. It’s Sept. 11 again. Here’s a column about that grim morning’s first victim more than a decade and a half ago. WTF is happening on this blog I’m still writing about …

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Taking trips together to make good memories as often as we can is a maje. priority. That’s why I’m opening the books on our travels with this post. If a buncha knuckleheads like us can spring it, maybe all the knuckleheads out there can take a decent trip, too.

Our wildflower garden is in full bloom. I’ll post pics once I yank a few weeds out this weekend. In the mean time, Laila and I have set out to preserve the beauty of summer. Here’s how our first attempt at pressing flowers went: