Friend to the rescue, cheers to that

“I’m in deep shit.”

So went the classy text I sent my friend, Khina.

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The cupcake at the end of the marathon

Funny, I remember I said I’d write about fitness this week.

Trying to blog to rules like “Write fitness stories only” is like….uh…I’m brain dead. I got it! It’s like, when you go to write a news story and try to bend the facts toward an assumption of some kind. DOESN’T WORK. Don’t do it. I don’t do it. Any time I’m sure things are one way, they turn out to be another. There are twists and turns. Gotta let the facts guide the story. Gotta let life guide the blog. Because I think, if nothing else, this is a survival blog. Actually, that is one theme that works, because that’s what we’re doing, all the time. Figuring out how to make it all fit together somehow and work. Changing poo diapers, meeting deadlines, making appointments, playing monsters, good days, bad days, better days, trying, failing, having a laugh, having a cry, getting back up, then slowing down, talking to a friend and eating a cupcake.

Any way, life has taken on that marathon feeling. Rather than exercise about it I had a glorious, glorious cupcake with my friend Khina and her daughter, Laila’s best friend Holland, a little girl with long, curly auburn hair. We went to an art show tonight to raise money for our sweet CF buddy Hayden and the CF Foundation. Hayden is 7 — her art is amazing! I bought these cute little note cards based on her prints.

I loved each one of her paintings, but I loved this one the most:

Love who you are
Love who you are

Laila and Holland went coo coo sugar high on the yummy art show goodies and we set up camp in a dressing room of all places to wrangle them. The show was at a shop. Then we left to run ’em and got more sugar: cupcakes.

I came home, put the buddies to bed. Laila got up four times, not surprising, and I let her help me make a video. Now she’s asleep and now I plan to talk to Mark for what seems like the first time this week.

I’m taking a few days off next week to chill with my buddies and go with Laila on a school field trip.

Here’s what’s on my agenda: Pick a new show to binge watch: — Game of Thrones? Any suggestions? Leave me a comment.

Take it easy.

Here’s our marathon mash-up:

Well, let’s be honest

Hey there ya’ll.

Yeah, I say that now, that’s right! (Can I get away with it as a northern transplant to the Oklahoma plains?)

You know, let’s be honest.

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Stalking Wayne Coyne and other things to do in OKC

My friends Leslie and Ryan stopped by OKC en route to Chicago. They’re moving there from California to be closer to family. Leslie is with child!

We stopped by the Oklahoma City National Memorial, the museum and memorial dedicated to the victims of the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. Then we stalked Wayne Coyne, The Flaming Lips frontman, visiting his (or is it his ex-wife’s?) Womb Gallery and OKC house. We also ate amazing burgers at S&B’s and ate cupcakes. Here is the photographic evidence:

First-timers to Oklahoma City should definitely check out the Oklahoma City National Memorial.
First-timers to Oklahoma City should definitely check out the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

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"We search for the truth. We seek justice..."
“We search for the truth. We seek justice…”

The frontman for The Flaming Lips lives in an Oklahoma City neighborhood.
The frontman for The Flaming Lips lives in an Oklahoma City neighborhood.

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Just because, here are a few pieces of Leslie and Ryan’s New Year’s letter. They mailed it late, to the wrong address. It was sent back to them. Then they brought it to our front door.

“Here’s our inaugural holiday newsletter. A tradition that will live on for decades or fizzle out with laziness. Time will tell!”

“It only took us six years to finally take part in the Bay to Breakers spectacle, a running/inebriated walking festival in San Francisco. Ryan came close to finishing the 12K course, but lost his group and energy in Golden Gate Park. Leslie slept in and then went to the bar with friends. It was a hazy weekend.”

“In early summer, we’re expecting another adventure-seeking, live-music lovin’ rascal to join our team. Surprise! Nico the cat will be joined by a human sibling.”

Of course, it was signed peace & love.

Peace and love to you, Leslie and Ryan, and to all of our friends making their way in this big, wide exciting world.

Jazz hands

I made a video of Eli being jazzy after his bath. I think his tummy scar is looking good.

Wee man got another Synagis shot this week for protection against RSV, a severe type of cold. He liked the baby in the mirror. The shot? Not so much.

Also, he weighs 13 pounds!

I'm lookin at the man in the mirror.
I’m lookin at the man in the mirror.

I'm askin him to chaaange his waays.
I’m askin him to chaaange his waays.

In other news, my great friends Leslie and Ryan joined us in OKC for the weekend. They hand-delivered a New Year’s letter that they sent late – to the wrong address. I need to share excerpts because it might be the best holiday letter I’ve ever received. I was like, “OMG thanks this is even better than the Pony Express!”

Together we stalked Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips with Laila and Eli. I’ll give a full report later.

OKC activity=stalking Wayne Coyne.
OKC activity=stalking Wayne Coyne.