Mark Twitter wars with Pioneer Woman, news crew visits house, mommy wears election headphones, newspaper hats: The week in review

What an odd week.

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In the land of the rodeo queen, 2: Ow. Ow. Ow.

Hello. This is the second in an open-ended series I created on learning to ride a horse. I made a category called In the land of the rodeo queen for these posts.

I’m talking about Charlie again, the horse that warmed my heart, and Reba, rodeo queen, who is teaching me to ride Charlie.

Charlie is a gentle soul who badly hurt his leg, but the family fixed him up with a whole bunch of experimental physical therapy.

It’s great to ride Charlie, but what I realized after riding him is how out of shape I am.

OK, so I grew a baby for nine months. My muscles turned to goo.

Then I got on a horse.

In the days following this experience my back hurts. My bum hurts. My legs are sore. My arms are sore.

I’m just sore.

To the core.

I’m out of shape.

Charlie made me realize this.

We got up to trotting, and I’m this sore.

I’m amazed at the talent of the rodeo person, and the rodeo queen. (Cowboys, cowgirls!)

Reba does an event called sorting. She’s a champion sorter.

What this means, is that there’s a rodeo event, in which cattle are let out of a pen.

She and another rider sort them back into the pen.

They’re labeled, and let out in random order. In 90 seconds, she has to sort them back into the pen in order on a horse with the help of one other rider, who is at the gate doing cattle traffic control.

I can’t even imagine the kind of physicality, the kind of strength, that takes.

I’m not a rodeo queen. I’m not a champion sorter – I just want to get better at riding because it’s really really fun.

You have to control the horse with your legs a lot more than what I expected. It’s challenging.

My conclusion, after these past few days, is that I might actually get back into exercise.

Did I cancel my gym membership? Yes

Did I go off of Weight Watchers? Yes. Cancelled.

Charlie might be bringing me back into the fold of health and wellness, just because I want to get better at riding him, because it’s fun.

It’s good for me, too, to be out in nature, hanging out with an animal, Charlie, and his patched up leg, and a really cool cowgirl named Reba.

I won’t go as far as making a pledge to exercise, but I will say, I might just give it a try again, just so I can get better at riding.

We’ll see.


In the land of the rodeo queen, 1: hi Charlie

I’ve started to learn to ride and I found a rodeo queen to teach me. I started a little series on it. Did I mention I get to wear cowgirl boots?

Here’s my first post. I’m excited to learn more about Charlie and Reba as time goes on.


Today I met a horse named Charlie and I met a rodeo queen named Reba.

Reba taught me how to ride Charlie.

That was a lot of fun.

I found Reba and Charlie because I went to my Mary Kay makeover the other week, and I was in the company of two rodeo queens.

Lacey, who is a sales director for Mary Kay, who did my make-up for a contest I entered to raise money for Eli.

She is formerly Miss Rodeo Oklahoma, or something like that — I’m sure I’m getting her title wrong. I need to check with her.

Her assistant, Rachel, is a rodeo queen in training. She has a pageant coach and everything.

She explained to me that the talent competition is more like horsemanship. No bikini contest. They each wear a very conservative leather dress that has jewels all over it.

It’s all got its own culture and history and it sounded really fascinating.

Horsemanship is huge around here.

I mentioned to Rachel that I wanted to try and learn to ride and she hooked me up with her friend, Reba.

Reba and I are both super busy but we finally connected today.

I drove out about 15 miles from where I live to southwest Oklahoma City to her family’s ranch. The ranch is in a town called Mustang.

She introduced me to Charlie.

Charlie is a pretty special little guy.

He’s a gentle soul.

He had an experience with his leg. It warmed my heart he recovered from it.

He ran at a full gallop into a fence. It almost cut his leg in half.

As Reba explained to me -rather than put Charlie down, the family got Charlie – who is her father’s horse – experimental medical care at a place up in Edmond Oklahoma which is north of Oklahoma City.

Charlie recovered.

He’s got a strange gait.

He kind of loops his leg around sometimes when he walks.

Charlie being gentler than most meant Charlie was a good horse for me.

Reba taught me everything about how to put the saddle on him, how to tie him up, how to mount the horse, how to steer.

I got all the way up to trotting. It was a lot of fun.

I think I’m going to do it again.

Next time we’re going to try and learn… I forgot what it is — something between a trot and a gallop. Starts with an L.

I’ll remember it next time.

Until then!