Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen

I think Eli is blond. And he has teeth! We are waiting to see the tum doc for a follow up to buddy’s tum troubles. He is no longer throwing up, so I’m not sure what our visit might entail. Here are some pics of wee man and a vid of him waving hi….I think.


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Baby’s first foods to techno

This is Eli eating sweet potatoes. To techno. In slo mo plus our morning’s Vine vids. Just because.

I used Vine, Slopro, iMovie and got the 19-second Arabic short loop track by searching short royalty free in the app store, in case anyone cares! For the photo, I used my regular iPhone camera, then edited it in Afterlight. Saved, added lables in Picframe. I think I mess with my phone too much. Also, you really can get a lot done with a baby attached to you. TMI, TMI….

Eli is 6 months old today

Happy half birthday, little buddy.

In honor of a half year, I had a photo/audio session with the kids on my iPhone.

Didn’t have a lot of time…there’s never any time.

Getting Laila and Eli to look at the camera at the same time with some sort of pleasant, photo-ready face isn’t going to happen any time soon. I got one image of them both looking my way. They look…well, stoned. It’s not my favorite.


I like the ones I took leading up to that picture, where they’re just being spazzy little people together. Eli grabs sis’s hair. Laila hugs him when ordered to do so. Then Laila leans in like Eli is telling him a secret. Oh, to be a little person.

Gonna getcha
Gonna getcha

I’d say buddy is hitting his milestones, but my copy of “What to Expect, the First Year,” remains lost in our attic somewhere.

So here’s what he’s doing: grabbing his feet, feelin stuff with his hands, rolling around, doing baby push ups and attempting to fly from the ground. He likes to smile and to eat.

And talk!

It’s pretty darn cute.

Happy Eli
Happy Eli

Looking forward to the next six months!

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My buddy and his tummy, part 2

Greetings! Here is Part 1 of this story. I’m talking about my son’s digestion today. Eli has been having tummy trouble related to his CF. As we found out, something else was amiss when it came to buddy’s tummy that had nothing to do with Eli or his genetic disease.

My buddy and his tummy, Part 2

I’m talking about my 5-month-old son Eli who has cystic fibrosis.

For the past couple of nights, Eli had been really uncomfortable.

He’s been up until 1, 2 3 and beyond. He poo poos 2, 3 times a night.

Obviously, something’s wrong.

I called the clinic yesterday

I spoke to the nurse there, Debbie.

Wow, did I feel like an idiot.

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Baby dreams

Eli is 4 months old today.

Happy birthday, little buddy!

Here are some morning pics of my babies:

Eli and sis. Buddy is 4 months old today.
Eli and sis. Buddy is 4 months old today.
Laila loves her buddy.
Laila loves her buddy.

I returned to work this week as a chronicler of violent death and mayhem in the state of Oklahoma. Three days in and breaking news is about six bodies deep.

My co-workers rearranged their schedules so I could work a few nights, hence, allowing Mark and I to have a part-time, instead of full-time, nanny to watch our babies. I have good co-workers. Really good co-workers.

This newsroom has heart. And I’m happy to be here and to be a part of it.