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My family’s morning usually begins at 6 a.m., when my daughter’s feet pitter pat down the hallway, she creaks open my bedroom door and announces, “Mommeee. I have to go pee peeeeeee.” Recently my daughter, Laila, 4, woke up at 3 a.m. screaming instead. Advertisements

He’s raging against the machine today. This is how we feel about our vest this morning #cysticfibrois — thisiseli (@hithisiseli) July 27, 2014 And this…#cf #cysticfibrois — thisiseli (@hithisiseli) July 27, 2014 This… — thisiseli (@hithisiseli) July 27, 2014 Now he lets me know how he feels about “That’s Not My Kitten.” …

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This morning Laila informed me she was “the boss.” “I’m in chawge.” Then she pointed at me and told me my name was Janet. She looked like a teensy weensy dictator. Impressive. “Yeah, OK baby, sounds good. Janet, All right.” *yaaaawn* Thinking back, that was a little rude. I kinda like my name. Juliana…it’s just …

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